Free Delivery on most items in Canada


1. How long it days to receive an item?

Answer: It depends on the vendor and the item. Most of Afrikrea's are not made in Canada. So it could take 2 to 14 days to receive an item. 

2. Can I return an item?

Anwer: Yes. Afrikrea is obliged to follow Canadian's consumer and protection laws. Just like many Canada's businesses, customers have rights and entitilments. 

3. Can I sell on Afrikrea?

Answer: Yes. You must be at least 18 years of age, live in Canada and have valid business registration.

4. Can I cancel an order?

Answer: Yes. Please contact our support team as soon as possible before an item is shippped. We are unable to cancal after an order is shipped. 

Shipping & Returns:

1. What shipping method do you use?

Answer: In most cases we use Canadian Post to deliver. However, we can use other courier services. If item is coming from overseas, we use courier services in those countries but items would be delivered by Canadian Post when they reach Canada. 

2. Do you accept returns?

Answer: Yes we do. Please return our "Terms of Sales" which gives more details. 

3. Do you ship to overseas?

Answer: Yes. Even though Afrkrea is based in Canada, we have customers in the USA,  Pacific countries like New Zealand, Papua New Guinea we ship to as well. 

4. How do you pay returns?

Answer: We return funds to only the original source; payment method that was used to pay for the item. 


1. What payment methods do you accept on Afrikrea?

Anwer: PayPal, Credit Cards, Debit Cards.



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