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  • Production License: 2022101702
  • Ingredient: chebe
  • Quantity: 1pc/1set
  • Model Number: chebe hair growth products
  • NET WT: 30ml/10ml
  • Brand Name: sevich
  • Origin: Mainland
  • Number of Pieces: COMBO
  • Item Type: Hair Loss Product
  • Product name: Sevich chebe power
  • Effect 1: Effectively prevent hair loss
  • Effect 2: Anti hair loss
  • Effect 3: Strong hair root
  • Effect 4: Repair damaged hair
  • Type: Hair treatment
  • Suitable For age: Any Age,unisex,men, women,
  • Shelf life: 3 years

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Chebe Fast Hair Growth Set

What is chebe???

Chebe Hair Oil provides the hydration your hair needs. It is made authentic chebe powder from Chad. It contains no chebe particles and can be used for your finished look or as a hot oil treatment. Chebe Hair Oil is soothing to the scalp due the Peppermint oil in it. The combination of Chebe Powder and the other oils are excellent for growth and moisture retention. Chebe Powder is made with all-natural ingredients that include Croton, Prunus Mahaleb, Resin, Clove, Gum Arabic, vegetable oil and perfume. These herbs and spices possess powerful properties that lock in moisture. By lubricating and strengthening hair, it resists breakage and grows into a full head of long, strong hair. Chebe is native to an African ethnic group in Chad who have very long, naturally coarse hair. The secret is in the super moisturizing ability of chebe that lubricates the hair keeping it from breakage.

Traction Alopecia Chebe Hair

Available for strong hair root,anti hair-loss, moisturizing,reducing hair dryness, breakage.


Won't discolor your skin or fabrics, allowing you to achieve those long, hair.


1.Easy to use


3.Strong Hair Root

4.Moisturizing Repair Damaged Hair

Hair Growth Chebe Oil 30ml

It is made with authentic Che be powder from Chad that can lubricate and strengthen hair, it resists breakage and grows into a full head of long, strong hair.

100% natural chebe serum

From african chebe serum hair treatment,protect scalp health and help with hair growth.


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