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  • Function: Cleaning
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Soap Type: Handmade Soap
  • Ingredient: Kojic Acid,Glutathione
  • Quantity: 1
  • Model Number: Kojic Acid Soap, Glutathione Soap
  • NET WT: 100 g
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Number of Pieces: One Unit
  • Item Type: Soap

Kojic Acid Soap Handmade Whitening Soap Skin Lightening Soap Hand made Soap Glutathione Whitening Soap Skin Bleaching Cleaning

The Kojic Acid Soap you've always trusted, the one prescribed by your dermatologist is now available in Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap. Kojie San has all-natural kojic acid formula that helps lighten dark spots due to acne, age spots, freckles, sun-damaged skin, and other skin pigmentations.
Kojic Acid was discovered in Japan. It is a by-product in the production of Koji, or Malted Rice, for use in the manufacture of Japanese rice wine. In cosmetics, Kojic Acid is popularly known for its excellent whitening effects and antioxidants properties.




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